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December 16, 2021 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

Our final Center for the Transformation of Work community call of 2021! It’s been an amazing year and we look forward to discussing where we’ve been and where we are heading in 2022!

Joining us was Chris Stanton of HBS abd Dr. Greetje (Gretta) Corporaal of the University of Oxford, Saïd Business School to bring us up to speed on her latest research and her new Oxford iWork Open Assembly/CTW Survey.

Chat room transcript:

00:02:38 Carin I Knoop: uhu
00:04:43 Arthur Ransier: Congratulations, Chris!
00:05:00 Mafé Rabino: Hello Everyone!
00:05:19 Arthur Ransier: I have 2, ages 2 and 4… I hear it gets easier at 3. Haha!
00:05:29 Chris Stanton: Haha — good to know Arthur!
00:05:42 Balaji Bondili: 1 and done.
00:06:55 Steve Rader: Lots of new faces on the call today!!!
00:07:15 Brett Trusko: I HAD to find time to finally get in here!
00:07:35 Megan Peden: Yes! Excited this is my first call and to join this awesome community!
00:09:05 David Swift: Hi All, back after a few months absence
00:09:15 Balaji Bondili: DAVID! ages.
00:09:23 David Swift: Too much work
00:09:23 John Healy: good to have you back David!
00:12:05 Lucas M: Sitting in Marion room as I’m on the road
00:15:01 Todd Brous: Always tooo short.
00:15:08 Chris Link Duarte: Always so much fun!
00:15:13 Ilyse Shuster-Frohman:
00:15:16 Steve Rader: Todd +1
00:15:41 ashley beaudoin: Always too short! Welcome to the group, Jason Cripps and nice to finally meet you Gretta!
00:16:03 Carin I Knoop: welcome jean!
00:16:12 John Healy: welcome Ilyse!
00:16:17 Lucas M: Hi to Jay at Zenifits!
00:16:33 Jean Spencer: Hi Lucas will send my best to Jay 🙂
00:16:51 CTW:
00:17:08 Jean Spencer: Here’s the Zenefits book:
00:18:44 CTW: To all new comers: Please drop your contact info and urls in the chat!
00:18:52 Barry Matthews: We’re not all Americans 🙂 global community here
00:19:21 Jean Spencer: Jean Spencer
00:19:50 Ilyse Shuster-Frohman: Thanks!
00:20:26 David Swift: Hi Cris, nice to see you here
00:20:45 christine jenkins: Cris has a super interesting background!
00:20:50 ashley beaudoin: You’ve come to the right place then, Cris! #knowledgegeek
00:20:54 Anne Rush:,
00:22:23 christine jenkins:
00:23:51 Alla Valente: Yay for vaccines!
00:24:15 CTW: David Swift:
00:25:38 ashley beaudoin: +1,000 John!
00:26:27 CTW: Chris Stanton / HBS:
00:26:31 Ilyse Shuster-Frohman: Amen! Thanks for inviting us in John Healy!
00:26:38 Chris Stanton:
00:27:13 Balaji Bondili: That’s an awesome premise!
00:27:20 McLean Robbins: Can’t wait to read this.
00:28:57 sheila mahoney: @chris have you met Evan Armstrong and the folks at CWI- center for workforce innovation
00:29:06 Denise Brouder: I’m very interested to see how the quality of work incorporated.
00:29:17 sheila mahoney: they are doing some good things on policy. much more needed
00:29:44 Jean Spencer: What was the name of the paper again @Chris? Hoop Analytics….
00:30:04 Gretta Corporaal: great work Chris!
00:30:42 sheila mahoney: @Chris-
00:31:35 Todd Brous: I’ve got a TON of questions for Chris… but I’m gonna read this paper first. (Ugh…. There goes my weekend!)
00:31:47 Denise Brouder: +! Balaji!!!
00:33:06 Alla Valente: Has anyone done analysis on pay variability along gender lines?
00:33:23 Steve Rader: It will be interesting to account for the non-monetary rewards that are part of this…
00:33:43 James Dunn:
00:33:47 Alla Valente: +1 Steve
00:34:20 Denise Brouder: or non-monetary price @Steve
00:37:04 Alan Korpady: How marketable are the skills young people are getting?
00:37:18 Adam Morehead: US based data from H&R Block
00:38:17 christine jenkins: The insurance struggle is real
00:38:54 Todd Brous: @Steve: +1
00:39:03 sheila mahoney: GREAT point steve!!
00:39:14 Gretta Corporaal: The Netherlands is a good example of that
00:39:24 Chris Link Duarte: It seems that health benefits is leading the conversation when we discuss advocacy for the worker- it appears to be one of the most pressing needs
00:39:31 Mafé Rabino: Then insurance is worst in other countries like in Asia.
00:40:13 Arthur Ransier: There’s a solution, it’s just actively debated (for some reason): association health plans under ERISA
00:40:18 CTW: Dr. Greetje “Gretta” Corporaal:
00:41:11 Arthur Ransier: Has this community investigated the feasibility of forming an AHP for freelancers?
00:42:47 Balaji Bondili: they don’t follow all of the unnecessary processes and move faster.
00:42:54 Balaji Bondili: Hide and grow is a real strategy.
00:42:55 David Swift: I am struggling to find contingent workers in the US. People prefer full time roles
00:43:21 Barry Matthews: They’re asking for forgiveness rather than permission
00:43:26 John Healy: +1 Balaji….corporate hierarchy is rarely viewed as a source of innovation
00:43:44 Carin Knoop: @arthur this came up in convo on mental health. would be interesting to explore.
00:44:01 John Healy: @David….what types of roles and where are you looking…
00:44:21 Brett Trusko: You must be financially secure to be highly comfortable with contingent work. There is discrimination against older workers, but there are where your contingent workers reside.
00:44:29 CTW: Oxford iWork survey:
00:44:47 Ilyse Shuster-Frohman: @Chris please contact me we are heavily focused on this and would love to work with you on our solutions.
00:44:50 Gretta Corporaal:
00:45:02 Ilyse Shuster-Frohman: Upskilling is key
00:45:03 David Swift: Capex procurement roles for my team and bio-pharma process engineers for my engineering colleagues
00:45:15 Liucen Pan: Thank you Brandon to share the survey link
00:45:22 Brett Trusko: If I hadn’t sold a company during the “Dotcom”, I wouldn’t have been able to live the work lifestyle that I can do now. MOST people cannot do so.
00:45:31 Ilyse Shuster-Frohman: We’re also working on the insurance struggle. Please contact us. Contingent workers should all have access. Mothership plans to make sure they do and is already working on putting programs in place.
00:46:19 Brett Trusko: Iilyse, if the insurance :contact us” question was aimed at me, let me know how to contact you.
00:46:30 Liucen Pan: We really appreciate to receive your insightful thoughts on how to change the nature of work collectively. 🙂
00:46:36 Balaji Bondili: Sign me up for an interview – Gretta
00:46:55 Ilyse Shuster-Frohman: Me too Gretta! Keep up the great work!
00:47:10 Liucen Pan: Thank you Balaji, we will definitely to reach out soon!
00:47:11 Chris Link Duarte: haha nasa pun
00:47:21 Megan Peden: I second what Balaji said – we work on the same team!
00:51:08 James Dunn: “Crossing the Chasm” Geoffrey Moore on Technical Adoption speaks to this
00:51:42 Alla Valente: I’m actually not surprised that IT implementation has stronger adoption than Procurement
00:51:45 Ilyse Shuster-Frohman: Gretta would love to connect. Bridging the enterprise to marketplace gap is inevitable but we should get there sooner than later.
00:53:15 John Healy: Centralised shared services are for the masses….customized/personalized/specialized services – the current state of most platforms – does not fit that model
00:53:29 sheila mahoney: @Gretta I’m in!! Would be great to catch up with you!!
00:53:48 Steve Rader: We are starting to look at ways to get procurement to push for “open” methods in future contracts… to get existing traditional engineering shops to start including open talent/open innovation in their offerings.
00:54:18 Barry Matthews: It’s no different to any big change programme: ERP/Outsourcing/GBS etc etc – change management is so important or it gets implemented and unused
00:55:01 Balaji Bondili: You are totally right Barry.
00:55:02 bryn barlow: We’ve (OA) learned so much about how risk, procurement and legal react to the platform model over the last 18m – there are some clear trends. Ive reached out Gretta – lets share perspective.
00:55:10 Matt Neal: Literally having a similar conversation this morning with a former colleague. There’s a new model needed here – in LifeSciences it’s about time for patients and there’s so much waste in the system…AND WE KNOW IT.
00:55:20 David Swift: Absolutely right Barry
00:55:23 Steve Rader: Procurement isn’t going to do this on its own… only when the projects within the organization demand skills or innovations that traditional contracts aren’t providing.
00:55:23 Matt Neal: Would love to help/discuss
00:55:48 Ilyse Shuster-Frohman: We’re having similar issues with that Todd.
00:55:56 Matt Neal: budgets are departmental and silo’d…
00:56:27 Alla Valente: they’re almost never the same teams
00:56:38 Ilyse Shuster-Frohman: Should be perceived as a positive for in house employees that use outside agile workforces and platforms, a way to be resourceful and manage in and out house teams.
00:58:16 Carin Knoop: so if it is that hard to sell, is the product that good? we are blaming corporates
00:59:10 Carin Knoop: like people who blame others who don’t get it and yelling instead of changing approaches
01:00:06 Carin Knoop: as we discussed more.workers have mental health issues these will pose a risk. perhaps using freelancers can help reduce such exposure…
01:00:15 Lucas M: Are you saying SAP is rigid? 😂
01:00:21 Balaji Bondili: @carin – you are right. Corporates spend billions of $$. If these companies aren’t making those $$ – some one else is.
01:00:24 David Swift: Carin, the product is sometimes very good. The problem is corporations are bureaucracies and most are not at all innovative when it comes to human capital
01:00:35 Ilyse Shuster-Frohman: It’s is about the product @Carin.
01:00:37 Steve Rader: Another amazing discussion. Thanks Gretta and Chris. Terrific insights as always. I’ve got to drop, Thanks again!
01:00:42 ashley beaudoin: Wish I could stay, need to jump. Happy 2021!
01:01:01 Balaji Bondili: Spending is not the issue. Companies will optimize to use prodcuts that are best for them to use.
01:01:17 James Dunn: Wonderful Session. Very Happy Holidays o everyone! Thank you for your hard work.
01:01:24 John Healy: @Carin…your point is much to the focus we have had in generating standards and common language in this market….the inconsistency there creates apprehension , thus lower adoption rates
01:01:26 Alla Valente: @Lucas – no! Never. Just don’t try to bend. It will snap
01:01:28 Balaji Bondili: We cant be like a jilted lover who got rejected – YOU ARE TO BLAME, i am perfect!
01:01:36 Carin Knoop: bureaucracies moved in 2020 when they have to. to be continued in 2022!! happy new year
01:01:44 Alan Korpady: Who are the “clients” we’re discussing?
01:02:03 Arthur Ransier: Value proposition is key… I hear so much about “saving money” with the use of independent contractors. Saving money is important, but it doesn’t drive changes in behavior
01:02:37 sheila mahoney: @Gretta- interesting point. I think this is closely aligned with a corporate culture of “our people are the best!” etc. Inherent resistance to anything BUT customization, because it challenges that thinking
01:02:46 Ilyse Shuster-Frohman: All need to respectfully coexist.
01:02:47 John Healy: fit for purpose
01:02:49 Alla Valente: I need to drop for another call. Happy holidays everyone.
01:02:54 Carin Knoop: @arthur–reducing risk might be another
01:03:10 Alla Valente: +1 @Carin
01:03:24 Ilyse Shuster-Frohman: Happy Holidays! Wonderful to meet everyone. Look forward to connecting offline.
01:03:51 Arthur Ransier: Reducing risk, providing access to great jobs for those who demand the flexibility of working independently & increasing your talent pool. Encouraging taskification and delegation of work, which improves efficiency and speed to market
01:04:03 Arthur Ransier: There are so many upsides to open innovation beyond saving money
01:04:27 Arthur Ransier: Great call out Carin!
01:04:46 Balaji Bondili: Happy Holidays!
01:04:48 Todd Brous: Thanks everyone!!
01:04:49 Carin Knoop: thank you to all the committee
01:04:53 Jean Spencer: Happy holidays
01:04:58 Balaji Bondili: Thank you John, Barry for bring us all together
01:05:03 Jean Spencer: Let’s research more — improve the world 🙂
01:05:07 Avesh Jha: happy holidays !!
01:05:12 Arthur Ransier: Happy Holidays, wonderful team!! Especially thanks to those leading workstreams and the CTW leadership
01:05:17 Stephen Wellbelove: thank you Happy Holidays !!


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