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January 7, 2021 @ 2:00 pm (MST)

Meeting Agenda

Today was the first call of 2021 for the Center for the Transformation of Work community. We went around “the room” and checked in with everyone to learn more about what each attendee was looking forward to in 2021. Some excellent insights and networking from all around the world of the open talent economy. To learn more about the Center for the Transformation of Work visit:

This call was facilitated by Open Assembly:

Chat room transcript:

00:04:42 Balaji Bondili: Happy New Year!

00:05:14 Satish Kumar: Happy New Year to all!

00:06:04 Dean Bosche: LEGO Brick Separator:

00:06:33 Ryan Gill: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE – sending love from 🇨🇦

00:06:45 Dyan Finkhousen: Happy New Year!!

00:06:52 Anna Grocholsky: Hello!

00:07:02 Karina Rehavia: Happy new year from Brazil!

00:07:02 Stacie Joosten: +1!

00:07:10 Anna Grocholsky: Anna from Sydney, Australia.  8am for me!

00:07:38 Bahia Oddi: Wishing everyone a new year full of promising opportunities to move the needle in the future of work! 🙂

00:09:32 sheila mahoney: Diane you are suck a slacker!

00:09:42 sheila mahoney: Dyan

00:11:09 Rich Copsey: Link please

00:11:10 Steven Rader: Dyan’s always working on the coolest stuff!

00:12:25 Dyan Finkhousen: Join us for the Platform Professionals webinar:

00:14:04 Dyan Finkhousen: Wow – what a portfolio!!

00:14:42 Jamie Elliott: Serbia Data Science Challenge; tell your friends in Serbia. Thanks!

00:15:45 David Messinger: Congrats!

00:15:47 Mafé Rabino: Congratulations Alicia!

00:15:56 Arthur Ransier: Congratulations Alicia!

00:16:17 Ryan Gill: congrats Alicia!! 💃

00:16:56 Anna Grocholsky: The team is everything!  One change and then it needs 3 steps back in re-building.

00:17:13 sheila mahoney: welcome Alicia!

00:17:17 Balaji Bondili: Bernard, happy to help!

00:18:17 Todd Brous: Hey Link!!!

00:18:31 John Healy: the Deloitte Human Capital report referenced…

00:19:27 Arthur Ransier: love that holistic approach, starting at the foundation and ensure folks are  connected!

00:20:02 Tom Cooke:

00:20:34 Steven Rader: What do folks see as key catalysts for changing the way organizations do business (like adopting open talent)?

00:20:47 Steven Rader: Asking for a friend

00:20:59 Chris “Link” Duarte: Thank you Tom 🙂

00:21:30 Dyan Finkhousen: Also @Chris – check out the work Houston just completed for extended community connectivity

00:22:12 CTW:

00:23:02 Alicia Evangelista: @Chris, check out Greta Byrum’s work at New America too.  She’s all about digital equity and connectivity:

00:24:40 Jamie Elliott: @StevenRader – I see right timing and conditions as a catalyst, which is hard to find – but when an organization comes into a little money, has a problem for quick resolution and doesn’t have the in-house talent, pitching open talent can resonate. This can also be pitches to them as a pilot by finding the right problem to solve and asking for an investment to prove the concept works.

00:25:31 Steven Rader: Thanks Jamie!

00:25:35 CTW:

00:25:43 John Healy: @steve…there are a limited number of motivators for change, from what I have experienced fear of failure has been at the top of the list…a genuine sense that status quo will result in failure – whether driven personally, through leadership or even boards..

00:26:14 Steven Rader: @Bahia, super interested in what you are doing! Thanks for sharing!

00:26:54 Dyan Finkhousen: Fascinating @Bahia – love the concept of a human sustainability index

00:27:02 Todd Brous: @Bahia. +1

00:27:21 Dyan Finkhousen: #Rockstar

00:27:22 Paul Hlivko: @John and @Steve – yeah, I’m with John. The sales strategy depends on who the sell is to. For instance, if your CEO was a lawyer, sell it as fear and risk mitigation. If they a CFO before, sell the capital arbitrage it can create…. I think the sell is always whomever the audience is.

00:27:30 Dyan Finkhousen: #Bestshoesinthebiz

00:27:57 CTW:

00:28:08 Ryan Gill: John for president.. he’s the best moderator on the internet

00:28:13 Mafé Rabino: I agree Balaji!

00:28:25 Sathya N: Cannot agree more Balaji

00:28:34 Ryan Gill: powerful!

00:28:36 Ryan Gill: 🙂

00:28:38 Bahia Oddi: thanks a ton for welcoming me and for your very kind support! We will update you with Carin about our progress 🙂

00:28:42 Karina Rehavia: +1 Balaji

00:28:43 Mafé Rabino: Just get a business class upgrade.

00:29:12 Satish Kumar: Totally agree, Balaji

00:30:02 CTW:

00:30:22 Todd Brous: Yeah Mafé!!!

00:30:46 Dyan Finkhousen: Go @Rich!!

00:31:09 CTW:

00:31:16 Anna Grocholsky:

00:31:29 Steven Rader: @Bahia – your discussion of human sustainability index made me wonder if there is some ways to leverage some of the work going on with personal digital credentials/profiles could possibly capture individual’s contributions and allow those companies that use those folks to get credit by using them…. An incentive for companies to use open labor resources that are contributing in positive ways.

00:31:49 Steven Rader: <Early thought… may be a bit half baked>

00:32:09 CTW:

00:32:29 David Messinger: I unfortunately have to jet!  great seeing everyone!  Happy New Year!

00:32:39 Ryan Gill: see ya mess!

00:32:40 Dyan Finkhousen: HNY @Mess!

00:32:57 CTW:

00:33:45 CTW:

00:34:36 Mafé Rabino: @Ryan, Does it start wit letter A?

00:34:42 Steven Rader: @Ryan that is some good news!

00:34:50 CTW:

00:34:54 John Healy: Well done @Ryan!

00:35:07 Mafé Rabino: Congratulations Ryan!!!

00:35:07 Dyan Finkhousen: Awesome news @Ryan!!

00:35:18 Arthur Ransier: Awesome news! Well done Ryan & Communo team

00:35:29 Ryan Gill:

00:36:09 Dyan Finkhousen: HNY @Satish!

00:37:31 CTW:

00:37:53 Dyan Finkhousen: So important @Chris – lead on!!

00:37:54 CTW:

00:38:42 Steven Rader: @Bahia – Chris’s work is what I was talking about earlier.

00:38:53 Dyan Finkhousen: Hey @Sheila!!

00:38:57 CTW:

00:39:22 Bahia Oddi: Thank you @Steven!

00:39:23 CTW:

00:39:53 John Healy: @Chris…check in with the team from Velocity Network Foundation…they have a broad coalition of members and are actively testing a series of “storyboards” related to work/education as part of their “internet of careers” effort

00:40:52 Mafé Rabino: True Sheila!

00:40:58 Tom Cooke: 100% OA helped us get through 2020 while wearing a smile at least once a week!

00:41:40 Mafé Rabino: +1 @Tom

00:42:06 Dyan Finkhousen: +1 Tom!

00:42:35 Dyan Finkhousen: Welcome @Fabiano – great to have you with us!!

00:43:12 Ryan Gill: can’t wait to go visit your shop one day

00:43:28 Steve Rader: Whenever someone brings up water, I think of the XPrize challenge winner and his amazing design that extracts water from air using bio waste (without adding CO2):

00:43:34 Mafé Rabino: @Fabiano, I still have my raincheck for hot chocolate.

00:43:42 Ryan Gill: What if everyone on this call donate $100 to this coffee shop to buy coffee for people that come in until the money runs out!!

00:43:48 Chris “Link” Duarte: Mafe +1

00:43:50 Ryan Gill: i will step up first

00:43:58 Dyan Finkhousen: @Ryan I’m in!!

00:44:09 Tom Cooke: @Ryan – I’m in!

00:44:11 Ryan Gill: We could do $3700 if we all do it.

00:44:19 Ryan Gill: i’ll start a gofundme

00:44:25 Ryan Gill: thats a lot of coffee.

00:44:27 Mark Gordon: great idea!

00:44:33 Dyan Finkhousen: Shoot us the link @Ryan

00:44:47 Ryan Gill: on it

00:44:49 Dyan Finkhousen: <3 @Stacie!

00:45:00 Mafé Rabino: Yes Ryan to a great idea!

00:45:08 Todd Brous: @Stacie:  <3

00:45:11 CTW: Yeah Stacie! Change rules!

00:45:30 Dyan Finkhousen: Congrats @Stacie so excited for you!!

00:45:35 Dean Bosche: I need to hop on another call. Here’s to making your 2021 dreams come true. If any of the new folks on the call want to discuss open talent in the enterprise, I have good knowledge there.

00:45:38 Paul Hlivko: Congrats Stacie!


00:45:49 Steve Rader: @Stacie thanks for posting your story online – I think you really inspire a lot of folks to pursue what they love!

00:45:49 Dyan Finkhousen: Cheers @Dean!!

00:45:54 Bernard Pracko: Moving forward on Co$$ee:)

00:46:43 Stacie Joosten: Thanks all! So many of you donated your personal time to chat with me and guide me – I’m so humbled and so thankful!

00:48:31 CTW:

00:48:50 Ryan Gill: whats the name of Fabiano’s coffee shop?

00:49:07 CTW:

00:49:55 CTW:

00:50:16 Dyan Finkhousen: @Paul – what are the top 3 travel destinations when everything unlocks?

00:50:39 Stacie Joosten: @Steve – thank you so much! <3

00:51:07 Dyan Finkhousen: @Paul – what does your connectivity look like across Iowa?

00:51:09 Steve Rader: @Paul – I’m so impressed with how you guys have started using this model and been so successful with it!  Glad to hear you are scaling up!!

00:51:17 Stacie Joosten: So great @Paul!

00:52:02 Dyan Finkhousen: Hey @Paul I’ll ping you on LinkedIn

00:52:10 Paul Hlivko: Sounds good!

00:52:11 John Healy: best swimming spot in the world!

00:53:00 Steve Rader: Welcome Anna!!

00:53:02 CTW:

00:53:14 Dyan Finkhousen: Great to have you join us @Anna!

00:53:23 Steve Rader: Bondi is amazing!!

00:53:26 Ryan Gill: amazing energy

00:53:48 CTW:

00:54:35 Mafé Rabino: Merit America

00:54:49 Steve Rader:

00:54:52 CTW:

00:54:54 Dyan Finkhousen: Wow – great work @Jeff!

00:54:56 Mafé Rabino: Congratulations Jeff!!!

00:55:15 Ryan Gill: Life is Beautiful

00:55:17 Arthur Ransier: Jeff Davis — Merit America looks similar to Catalyte ( Great concept!

00:55:22 Ryan Gill: best festival

00:55:55 Dyan Finkhousen: Important work @Mark

00:56:10 Bernard Pracko: Loving the informality and diversity of this group- Thanks to each and everyone of you!

00:56:29 Mafé Rabino: YES! @Mark.

00:56:44 Anna Grocholsky: Totes – you do not need to re-invent the wheel

00:57:41 CTW:

00:57:42 Ryan Gill: Ok everyone its up:

00:57:45 Dyan Finkhousen: @Mary you’re a force of nature, so glad you’ve joined the community!

00:57:49 Chris “Link” Duarte: Yes! “Validating”

00:58:03 CTW:

00:58:43 Mark Gordon:

00:59:09 Mark Gordon: if you have ideas on building an expert network (so many of you do), I’d love to connect more

00:59:31 CTW:

00:59:50 Dyan Finkhousen: Gotta jet… Love you guys – Cheers to 2021, may it be our best year yet!!

00:59:56 Alicia Evangelista: I have to jump off, but what a great KO to 2021.  Looking forward to future conversations!

01:00:04 CTW: See ya Dyan!

01:00:43 Steve Rader:

01:01:21 CTW:

01:01:41 Satish Kumar: Got to jump off! Thank you everyone.

01:02:05 Mafé Rabino: Hi Karina!

01:02:13 CTW:

01:02:23 Steve Rader: Ollo has the coolest way to vet new freelancers using non-profit projects!!

01:02:45 Ryan Gill: would love to hear more about Ollo

01:02:52 Ryan Gill:

01:02:59 CTW:

01:03:04 Ryan Gill: The go fund me is up and running.

01:03:52 Stacie Joosten: @Ryan – thanks great idea!

01:03:54 Ryan Gill:

01:03:54 CTW: Speaking for the guys, hope we need this in 2021:

01:03:56 John Healy: Happy 2021 all!!

01:03:57 sheila mahoney: John you are the most amazing moderator, thank you!!

01:04:04 Bahia Oddi: Thank you all! Looking forward to seeing you soon again!

01:04:12 Ryan Gill:

01:04:29 Anna Grocholsky: Gotta run…  cheerio (for now)… happy camping!


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