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August 20, 2020 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

This week’s topic:

Dr. Gretta Corporaal of the Oxford Internet Institute kicks off this call with some interesting research she is working on and then we continue discussions on the open economy.

Chat room transcript:

00:15:36 Steve Rader: As long as we get our therapy session later
00:15:37 Open Assembly:
00:16:29 Liucen Pan:
00:17:34 Liucen Pan: Hi this is Liucen, I am Gretta’s research assistant on the iWork project, above the link is the slide desk
00:17:47 JC Pinheiro: Maybe she’s sharing the wrong screen?
00:19:24 Steve Rader: That word “John” keeps coming up!
00:19:43 John Healy: that has nothing to do with me!
00:19:45 Alex Wente: “Trust John to Rule the Week” is what I got from that slide haha
00:19:49 San Rahi: And “Steve”, I see
00:21:50 Steve Rader: As long as I don’t have to watch what I say
00:22:14 Liucen Pan: Information sheet:
00:22:41 Liucen Pan: Informed consent form:
00:23:32 Liucen Pan: email us:
00:24:51 Alistair Hofert: How will this create new business models and a new future, without all the academic theory?
00:25:47 Carin-Isabel Knoop: does this include chat? (sorry if i missed it)
00:26:06 Steve Rader: Great question (lots of the best part of this meeting is in the chat)
00:26:10 Carin-Isabel Knoop: and more recently the language is more tight because we were forced to respond to the pre-work — so we have to narrow our language de facto
00:26:31 San Rahi: @carin I believe it’s analysis of audio?
00:26:32 Mark Hannant: @Gretta Has the number of participants remained constant over that time frame – or increased/decreased?
00:28:04 Carin-Isabel Knoop: super interesting, thank you greta! is more commonality is good thing?
00:28:15 JC Pinheiro: Thanks Greta!
00:28:19 Steve Rader: Thanks Greta! Can’t wait to see what you find!
00:28:23 San Rahi: Thank you Gretta! Super interesting approach
00:28:33 Gretta Corporaal: you’re welcome!
00:28:37 Alp Sezginsoy: Very interesting, thanks Gretta!
00:29:03 Jeff Doi: Thanks, Gretta!
00:29:18 Open Assembly: We will wait for this question then send everyone to the breakout rooms.
00:30:41 Alistair Hofert: Good point Gretta
00:31:24 Alex Wente: we may see the shared language form faster with the completion of the manifesto, too
00:38:54 Gretta Corporaal: Thanks all, looking forward to reconnecting in two weeks!
00:39:03 Ashley Beaudoin: I agree with @Steve, more therapy sessions!
00:39:12 John Healy: I won the lottery today…1:1 with Gretta!
00:39:27 Alex Wente: Fantastic- thank you
00:39:28 Ashley Beaudoin: @John, jealous!
00:39:36 Steve Rader: @Balaji, great article on linkedIn!
00:40:10 Open Assembly: Sign up for a copy of the Deloitte case study here, please:
00:42:25 Steve Rader: I sometimes feel like I’m locked in an institute
00:42:34 Open Assembly: Working Groups Descriptions & Sign Ups –
00:42:39 San Rahi: Collective?
00:43:03 Gavin McClafferty: @Steve – innovators dilemma group?
00:43:23 Open Assembly: Working Groups Descriptions & Sign Ups –
00:49:07 David Swift: I love your background Stephanie! Where is it?
00:49:44 Stephanie Fels: It’s a fake background haha – I think it’s Norway!
00:50:47 David Swift: It looks like where I holiday in Ireland
00:51:43 Marcello Magalhaes: I’m still not clear on what is expected from the work stream teams for the first meeting?
00:51:45 Open Assembly: New Co naming survey –
00:55:36 Ashley Beaudoin: @Marcello, I think the expectation from the work stream teams is more about a)meet and greet/get to know each other, b) brainstorm what our role is in the larger Collective and c) what metrics we should use to know how/when we are successful
00:56:23 Steve Rader: So when you “break” climbing equipment… don’t bad things happen?
00:56:37 Antonio Urquiza: Agreed, John. Co-creation and Citizen Scientist-driven innovations have been critical during the pandemic.
00:57:11 Tom Cooke: Democratization of building apps as an example
00:58:51 Tom Cooke: Tesla did the same thing with vehicle deliveries from their own customers
00:59:00 Steve Rader: I think crowd curation in innovative ways that help the crowd and leveraging them for more services is always a winning combination.
00:59:10 Antonio Urquiza: COVID-19 innovations
00:59:39 Marcello Magalhaes: Relevant seminar – topic super-intertwined with everything we discuss here:
01:00:05 Marcello Magalhaes: It’s happening at Stanford Online right after this meeting..
01:01:38 Tom Cooke: Instant Teams is a great example of what Steve is talking about
01:02:11 Janice Stevenor Dale: We should have goals for that utilization rate, and community investment into individuals.
01:02:23 Steve King: Our research showed about 24% of FT freelancers used an online talent marketplace in 2019. But only 8% said it was their primary source of work. See:
01:02:49 Gavin McClafferty: @John W – is it worth brining Coursera or LinkedIn learning into these conversations. There are people from both the supply and demand side. Contingent learning and upskilling seems to less represented.
01:03:05 Gavin McClafferty: *bringing
01:03:08 Janice Stevenor Dale: The word ‘platform’ is not attractive, let’s find another.
01:03:10 San Rahi: Is there anyone from Adobe here today?
01:03:14 Stephanie Fels: @Steve is this year’s MBO Partners report available?
01:03:35 Tom Cooke: Also some people have greater capacity than what is used by their primary employment
01:04:11 Steve King: @stephanie We just finished data collection. The report will be out in the fall.
01:04:16 Mary Mellino: freelance platforms to upskill/disrupt themselves is a huge opportunity
01:04:26 Stephanie Fels: Great!
01:04:44 John Healy: with a quid pro quo…if you learn this, you get that!
01:05:01 Steve Rader: @John Healy +1
01:05:09 Mary Mellino: platforms come into play because you can build the portfolio of experiences. with training but not opportunity for practical application, the pivot is challenging
01:06:07 JC Pinheiro: Any link to that google learning tool they launched?
01:06:28 Tom Cooke: AR is creating experts on their first day on the job…don’t necessarily have to be a journey person first to gain experience
01:06:38 Alex Wente:
01:07:05 Steve Rader:
01:07:18 Steve Rader: @JC
01:08:39 Antonio Urquiza: Team, please accept my apologies. I have to join another meeting. Have a great weekend and please, stay safe!
01:09:20 Tom Cooke: Redhat is a good model for how to have open information but a business model that takes advantage of their construct
01:10:03 John Healy: +1 @Tom!
01:11:04 Steve Rader: Spacing out while cutting metal… hmm
01:11:16 JC Pinheiro: @Steve thanks!
01:12:10 Carin-Isabel Knoop: @marcello great point about culture
01:12:20 Steve Rader: @JC… @Gavin McClafferty was the real source

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