00:25:11	Steve Rader:	It is great to see everyone!!  I missed you all last week!!
00:25:20	Alex Wente:	Such a great hat, John. You definitely rock it well!
00:26:45	Steve Rader:	I feel like a grizzly may show up behind Dyan… r u out in the woods?
00:27:20	Dyan Finkhousen:	@Steve - it could happen!  My backyard!
00:35:26	Ashley Beaudoin:	There’s never enough time in the breakouts! Haha
00:35:36	Bondili, Balaji:	never ever!
00:35:53	Laura McLeod:	Ashley, I agree!
00:36:13	David Boghossian:	Totally.  Just getting started when its over
00:38:53	Gavin McClafferty:	@Dyan - sounds pretty fascinating!
00:40:09	Janice Stevenor Dale:	How many people on this call are signed up with a hiring platform?
00:40:53	Chuck Hamilton:	Is there is an upcoming events list somewhere? How do we find about these events within this community?
00:43:44	sheila mahoney:	breakouts are critical
00:44:10	Leo Harrison:	check out In-house recruitment network for a virtual conference experience. UK based
00:44:27	Carin-Isabel Knoop:	have breaks -- one minute to stretch and check email -- had someone have people do jumping jacks while chatting, was awesome
00:44:30	Antonio Urquiza:	As well as open chats as the presentations evolve
00:44:57	Carin-Isabel Knoop:	chats are good but can be distracting -- good to have someone monitor it to summarize chat for speakers
00:45:19	Ashley Beaudoin:	I like that idea, John!
00:45:21	Steve Rader:	@Carin… love the idea of some facilitators doing that
00:45:28	Alex Wente:	I attended Snapchat’s Snap Partner Summit in June and really liked the format and flow. Was kind of Apple-esque
00:45:30	Alex Wente:	https://www.snapchat.com/sps-2020
00:45:56	Arturo Natella:	@Carin-Isabell Knoop - great idea. You’re right.
00:46:04	David Messinger:	i have liked some where the talks were pre-recorded, but the speakers were able to interact during their own presentation
00:46:11	Chuck Hamilton:	Designed Breaks is key. We can’t zoom 8+ hours straight. It’s not like regular meetings
00:46:17	Darren Murph, Head of Remote at GitLab:	If we’re vetting platforms, I’ve spoken at and attended events on Remo and I really enjoy the format: https://remo.co/
00:46:50	Dyan Finkhousen:	+1 @Carin and @Steve about capturing the great insights in the chat / funneling them into the live convo
00:47:03	Antonio Urquiza:	Thanks, Carin.  I agree, some level of monitoring will be important.
00:47:18	Steve Rader:	Just finished “The Passion Economy” by Adam Davidson (John recommended it to me a while back) and it was pretty amazing….. Had not heard of Humu until I read about it… amazing application of AI.
00:48:40	Gavin McClafferty:	@Steve - been reading Gig Mindset by Paul Estes this week. What a great book! https://www.paulestes.net/copy-of-book
00:48:46	Mark Hannant:	Follow the sun - the ‘chair of the event
00:49:02	Mark Hannant:	Chair/host of the event can shift during the day
00:49:05	Steve Rader:	@Gavin +1   Paul rocked that book!
00:49:34	Gavin McClafferty:	@Steve - his blog is incredible.
00:49:35	Mark Hannant:	Regional perspectives
00:49:45	Dyan Finkhousen:	@Ashir - looks like we're in the same space!
00:49:50	David Messinger:	We used this platform for naming, worked really well https://www.squadhelp.com/
00:49:54	Arturo Natella:	@Carin recommended Gig Mindset to me. Loved it!
00:50:02	Paul Estes:	John, Steve and Dyan are the stars of the book :)
00:50:16	Dyan Finkhousen:	@Paul's Gig Mindset rocks!!
00:50:19	Gavin McClafferty:	@Artur - it’s a great read!
00:50:35	Gavin McClafferty:	@Paul - love it!
00:51:46	David Boghossian:	New formats:  love the idea of pre-recorded presentations and the ability to stop and comment in the middle.  Also micro group discussions 6-8 people. Or even real time speed dating of interesting group matches facilitated by AI…or participant choice.
00:52:42	John Healy:	ack to the future...."corporate work" is a 70 year experiment that is coming to an end!
00:52:57	Gavin McClafferty:	@Freddie - perhaps we are just seeing it through a different lens.
00:53:51	Steve Rader:	@Healy +1
00:54:06	Chuck Hamilton:	The name that seems to be sticking in my head is ‘Work Forward’
00:54:16	Ashley Beaudoin:	@Chuck +1
00:54:49	Dyan Finkhousen:	Smart Work
00:55:41	Dyan Finkhousen:	With the unstated and intentional suggestion that anything else is, perhaps, less than smart :-)
00:55:56	John Healy:	+1 Dyan
00:56:53	Gavin McClafferty:	@Kirstin - empathy, humanity are two of the key themes in my mind.
00:56:55	Chuck Hamilton:	It’s like the fourth industrial revolution model, it’s the next engine and shape of all we do.
00:57:57	John Healy:	Shout out to @Kirsten from SIDD LEE who will be the guest of  Kelly's LinkedIn Live Series (first episode!) happening next Tuesday, August 18th, at 1 pm EST from Kelly's LinkedIn Company Page https://www.linkedin.com/events/kellyignitelivestream/
00:58:35	Paul Estes:	So If I am not doing "Smart Work" and I dumb?   Would consider how to make it very inclusive as organizations figure out how to change

00:59:05	Dyan Finkhousen:	JK @Paul  :-)
00:59:42	Arturo Natella:	Is it possible to do a focus group with some open talent workers? Perhaps get key words/thoughts of what they think about the ecosystem and use the feedback to build on the marketing materials/branding.
01:00:24	Paul Estes:	When I was working on the book I did a survey via survey monkey to a targeted group to get some data and feedback
01:00:30	Ashley Beaudoin:	I like ‘Work Forward’ it has a more “malleable” tone, it’s less formal, it’s accessible/approachable, and implies that we can make change happen now and in the future… on a continuum.
01:02:44	Steve Rader:	@Kristin Yes!   Most folks on this call recognize the huge change going on… yet we need to make this stuff accessible and non-threatening… tricky balance!
01:03:17	Arturo Natella:	@Paul - I like the idea of doing a survey!
01:03:27	Andy Barnes:	I’m looking through the list in the excel spreadsheet and I like ‘open economy council’ or ‘open economy association’
01:03:52	Andy Barnes:	‘Open’ feels nice and is neither new or old
01:04:29	David Messinger:	https://www.squadhelp.com/
01:04:31	sheila mahoney:	I don't think any name is going to be a perfect fit.  This emergence is too fluid.  Can get wrapped around a time wasting terminology axle.  Better approach is to anticipate a shifting name strategy and build that strategy into the "brand" ahead of time. 
01:05:14	Erik Stettler:	The word I personally always think of is “unconstrained” work in the sense of work being freed from prior constraints of geography, time, and often disciplinary silos.  I know that particular word is probably too long to be directly used, but perhaps something that evokes it.
01:05:14	Bryan Peña:	Here are my contact details.  Feel free to grab some time on my calendly.Bryan T. Peña
Chief of Market Strategy
MBO Partners

t: +1.703.793.6007
c: +1.626.298.0742
e: bpena@mbopartners.com

Book time: https://calendly.com/bryan-pena

01:05:18	Bryan Peña:	oops
01:05:29	Bryan Peña:	Meant to DM that
01:06:19	Steve Rader:	I think we should all get on Bryan’s calendar!!! :)
01:06:41	Antonio Urquiza:	Like the challenge Uber is facing now with respect to labor laws.
01:07:00	Bryan Peña:	@Steve, I meant to send that to someone but I'm always open to connect.
01:07:02	Steve Rader:	I can attest that chatting with Bryan is worth it!! Book your time now.
01:07:16	Dyan Finkhousen:	I just booked @Bryan!!  :-)
01:08:35	Bryan Peña:	Thanks Steve!  looking forward to it Dyan!
01:08:35	Dyan Finkhousen:	So right @John
01:09:12	Gavin McClafferty:	@John 100% agree.
01:09:15	Arturo Natella:	@John - there is def. a branding issue with open talent workers. Very well said.
01:09:41	Steve Rader:	And it is ironic since Work 4.0 will likely end the 40 hour work week...
01:09:47	Gavin McClafferty:	@John I wrote about this a little while ago. https://www.1981ventures.com/new-blog/the-future-vs-reality-efficiency-vs-resiliency
01:09:56	Dyan Finkhousen:	Great point @Steve
01:11:13	Chuck Hamilton:	PWC was later subsumed :)
01:11:23	John Healy:	love it @ Gavin... "Organisations now face a pivotal moment, they need to understand that too little focus on strategy and innovation will undermine their ability to be resilient for future storms."  
01:11:36	Gavin McClafferty:	@John - thanks!
01:11:47	Steve Rader:	@Mike Morris really has me really interested in what this https://www.squadhelp.com/ site would come up with
01:12:10	Steve Rader:	Contribute
01:12:11	Steve Rader:	?
01:12:25	Steve Rader:	Purpose?
01:12:35	Gavin McClafferty:	@Steve - next challenge? What will the future of work become?
01:12:50	Steve Rader:	“Doing”
01:13:28	Steve Rader:	How about GSD?
01:13:46	Dyan Finkhousen:	+100 @Steve
01:13:57	Gavin McClafferty:	@John 100% agree!
01:14:10	Dyan Finkhousen:	The crowd, the cloud & AI
01:15:07	Antonio Urquiza:	Agreed, John.  That's precisely the direction myself and other colleagues are working on.  Please, check taskrocket.io   
01:15:36	Mark Hannant:	Talent 4.0
01:16:02	Chuck Hamilton:	To remember : The vast majority of solutions/innovations come from the most unexpected of places. Recognized experts within the core organization (the company) chasing an innovation, often see their performance beaten by uncredentialed and conventionally inexperienced members of better-organized crowds outside their walls;
Core business talent is often found to be mismatched to the problem that they are most interested in solving. Even when outside expertise is added, it too, can be mismatched, due to biases in the overall system
01:16:24	Dyan Finkhousen:	A tech layer is needed to do that at scale
01:16:29	Gavin McClafferty:	@Chuck - great point!
01:16:32	Antonio Urquiza:	I meant   https://taskrocket.io/
01:17:00	sheila mahoney:	Adding that to the reading list John!  
01:17:15	Chuck Hamilton:	https://www.amazon.ca/Machine-Platform-Crowd-Harnessing-Digital/dp/1543615791
01:17:53	Steve Rader:	Amazing book!   Got to run. This was great!  See you all next week.
01:17:55	Dyan Finkhousen:	It's a great read @Sheila
01:18:05	Michael Morris:	Marshal Van Alstyne wrote Platform Evolution
01:18:45	Janice Stevenor Dale:	Thanks all, have to run.
01:19:19	Chuck Hamilton:	Eating our own dog food
01:19:23	Alp Sezginsoy:	Thanks all!
01:19:28	David Messinger:	only downside we got 2000 names last time we used it :)
01:19:34	Antonio Urquiza:	Should we also work on our "massive transformation purpose'?
01:19:36	Dyan Finkhousen:	Thanks everyone - great to see you all!
01:19:53	sheila mahoney:	have a great week ya'll
01:19:57	Alex Wente:	Be well everyone! Great session today
01:19:58	Terry Sydoryk:	As always … fascinating conversation!
01:20:00	Mark Hannant:	Good session. Thanks
01:20:37	Andy Barnes:	Interesting session …. To ditto @Bryan https://calendar.x.ai/andrewbarnes/teams
01:20:40	Antonio Urquiza:	Great session, thanks for the opportunity.