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April 8, 2021 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

Chat Room Transcript:

00:11:32 Open Assembly:
00:11:52 Open Assembly:
00:12:25 Hannah Young: Hi everyone!
00:12:58 Open Assembly: Doug Atkin:
00:16:35 Open Assembly: Scaled Agile:
00:19:50 johnwinsor: The Opolis Investment deck
00:22:12 Dean Bosche: Who’s going to write “Open TalentOps” so we can pair a book with this curriculum?
00:24:02 John Healy: video book through the first cohort??
00:24:35 Katrina Gamueda-Smith:
00:30:54 Katrina Gamueda-Smith: John Healy
Dyan Finkhousen
Balaji Bondili
Steve Rader
Ashley Ryall
Catherine McGowin
Marion McGovern
Jeff Davis
Dale Pearce
Carrie Leonard
Mina Bastawros
Bryan Pena
Jeff Schwartz
00:33:29 Dean Bosche: It’s not that I don’t love you Bryan, it’s just that I love paying clients more. I need to drop folks.
00:48:49 Open Assembly: CXC team: We are talking about membership to our Center for the Transformation of Work. The non-profit we are building.
00:49:18 Hannah Young: Thanks Brandon! 🙂
00:56:55 Open Assembly: Speaking of Harvard: Jesse Arundell from Comm Bank Australia:
01:04:48 Bondili, Balaji:
01:05:35 John Healy: peak of inflated expectations is I think what Balaji is sharing
01:07:45 Open Assembly: Katrina – what’s the hashtag?
01:07:49 Katrina Gamueda-Smith: if anyone is interested
01:07:54 Katrina Gamueda-Smith: #proofofpizza

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