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April 2, 2020 @ 2:30 pm (MST)

Meeting Agenda

Open Assembly founder, John Winsor leads a conversation with several prominent company leaders who have successfully implemented open innovation strategies before the COVID-19 crisis arrived and are continuing to do so now.

On a the call are:

  • Chris Stanton, Marvin Bower Associate Professor of Business Administration in the Entrepreneurial Management Unit at Harvard Business School
  • Jesse Arundell, Executive Manager – Emerging Technology & Innovation Ecosystems at Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Kirstin Hammerberg, Global VP of Experience Design at Sid Lee
  • Sajeev Nair, Head of Global ADM at Zurich Insurance Company
  • Gavin McClafferty, Open Innovation Lead at Subsea
  • Paul Hlivko at Chief Experience Officer & Chief Technology Officer at Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Brian Martin, Senior VP Marketing & Communications, Project Worldwide
  • Gary Howarth, PhD, Presidential Management Fellow & Prize Challenge Specialist at National Institute of Standards and Technology

    00:08:45	Open Assembly:	Welcome from Open Assembly!
    00:09:09	Open Assembly:	Feel free to post questions here throughout the talk.
    00:14:53	Open Assembly:
    00:19:56	Christopher Stanton:	Chris Stanton: email is cstanton@hbs and would be delighted to connect
    00:20:33	Darren Murph:	Chris, Darren here (Head of Remote at GitLab). We just wrapped a case study on all-remote management with Raj Choudhury at HBS. Small world!
    00:21:16	Open Assembly:
    00:25:35	Steve Rader:	Hey Christopher, I know you said you saw a trend where companies were reaching into their existing internal workforce and leverage the slack since there was less work.  I’m curious if you did any projections for companies that will have to downsize and furlough workers. It seems like in previous cycles, companies were more apt to use contingent workers until they gained enough confidence to rehire their core workforce.  Any thoughts?
    00:29:00	Steve Rader:	Jesse, interesting on your task matching internally.  We (NASA), just launched a similar pilot program this morning.  Our Human Capital folks love the idea.
    00:29:52	Christopher Stanton:	Hi Steve—that’s a great question.  One possibility is furloughs/downsizing and then contracting with previous internal people, but that’s less like an arms-length arrangement versus the model as-of January.  But you’re exactly right that those patterns were clear from the last 2 recessions.
    00:30:06	John Healy:	great time to develop internal talent communities and better understand what folks internally find important and connected to their purpose
    00:30:27	Thomas Jajeh:	Are you guys are really building this yourself? or are you leveraging a partner?
    00:30:58	Thomas Jajeh:	@John Healy: YES :)
    00:31:22	Steve Rader:	We are using our ideaScale challenge platform with our existing user base of employees (about 28,000)
    00:32:04	Steve Rader:	We are posting the call for projects as if it were a challenge and then “ideas” are really projects where employees can then comment if they are interested (and use the team feature on ideaScale).
    00:32:21	Open Assembly:
    00:35:49	Thomas Jajeh:	@Kirstin: I have been thinking about getting a platform for displaced workers globally up and running as a branch out of our existing platform. Have you seen larger initiatives?
    00:39:34	Open Assembly:
    00:40:04	Open Assembly:
    00:40:17	Fanny Eliaers:	@Thomas Kirstin had to drop off but I’ll make sure to answer your question.
    00:41:22	John Healy:	Talent as a Service is interesting at a macro level, I worry about the challenges many have in defining the outcomes they are after - breaking work into task and outcomes....would love to hear more examples where its working well for people!
    00:43:12	Ashley Beaudoin:	@Thomas Jajeh - not sure if this is what you’re talking about but Hilton - as an example - is putting job openings from other brands on their website for their (Hilton’s) furloughed workers:
    00:45:35	Steve Rader:	We are seeing all of our different communities that we work with (internal and external) coming together and intensifying what they are doing (especially around COVID challenges).  We launched an internal NASA challenge around how NASA could contribute and in the first 24 hours we received 150 proposals.
    00:46:06	Open Assembly:
    00:46:25	Darren Murph:	Gavin: Fascinating insights, thank you!
    00:47:24	Steve Rader:	Gavin… you are rocking it!! #innovationHero
    00:47:51	Fanny Eliaers:	Thanks Gavin! So compelling.
    00:48:21	Steve Rader:	I was impressed with Wellmark’s case study on using Topcoder that they presented at the Topcoder Open Customer roundtable last fall.
    00:50:17	James Gallman:	I am fascinated by the use case around Azure DevOps for innovation management.
    00:54:27	Open Assembly:
    00:55:13	Paul Hlivko:	One of the Azure DevOps uses cases for us was product management. Epic = Client, Feature = Product, Story = change to product. Leveraging that to manage renewals with clients which occur client by client and have unique product needs.
    00:57:08	Open Assembly:
    00:57:13	Christopher Stanton:	@Brian Martin: Would be fascinated if there are any surprising practices that you’ve stumbled upon to make the remote transition work.
    01:04:33	Alex Wente:	Interested to hear any thoughts on countries like India, where mandated remote work is having a negative affect due to lack of technology at home
    01:04:49	Open Assembly:
    01:05:02	Janice Stevenor Dale:	would be interesting to hear from anyone who can comment on human behavior and the length of time it might take to ‘set’ a new behavior...
    01:05:14	John Healy:	Cool to hear people using existing tools for new means...well done Steve!
    01:06:31	Jon Fredrickson:	We are doing some good task-rabbit like work with Wazoku and some exciting Client things to assist with COVID-19 issues for public and private sector clients
    01:06:54	Darren Murph:	Outstanding conversation and insights, all. Grateful to be a part of this group.
    01:07:34	Stephen Lepke:	Great seeing everyone!
    01:07:35	Ashley Beaudoin:	Thank you!
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