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April 16, 2020 @ 10:00 am (MST)

Meeting Agenda

A discussion and build from last week’s call as we talk about what rules need to be broken in the context of open talent and the future of work. Joining this discussion were:

Jin Paik, Harvard Lab for Innovation Sciences

John Healy, Kelly

Kirstin Hammerberg, Sid Lee

Ty Montague, Co:collective

Ryan Gill, Communo

Mike Morris, Topcoder

Simon Hill, Wazoku

Jon Younger and more!

Call Chat Transcript:

00:12:46	Tom Cooke:	@Steve - great work at NASA with the Mars rover
00:14:06	Elina Liehu:	I love the hat! Got similar while lived in St.Petersburg in mid 90's :D
00:17:10	Open Assembly:	Jin Paik - Laboratory of Innovation Science at Harvard
00:20:28	Open Assembly:
00:20:36	Balaji Bondili:	This chat is missing Diane from Shoshin to be the fire starter. 
00:21:02	Steve Rader:	@Balaji  totally missing Dyan!
00:21:45	Ryan Gill:	hahah..
00:21:58	David Messinger:	His background looks like Cambridge :)
00:21:58	Ryan Gill:	nice one @Balaji
00:21:59	Elina Liehu:	Anyone has info any surveys made for freelancers about how their work situation has changes? Specially in high / C-level freelancers. 
Planning to conduct one next week one in Finland and would like to have comparision questions elsewhere.
We conduct it in English.
You may also contact
00:22:10	Balaji Bondili:	Ryan, yes, I make mistakes on names too! 
00:22:29	Chad Neufeld:	It’s going to be so interesting to see how higher education firms transition to this new world of online education. Scott Galloway has an interesting take:
00:22:36	Jon Younger:	My four rule bends:
00:22:49	Ryan Gill:	Balaji… i can’t relate
00:22:51	Ryan Gill:	never done it
00:23:01	Ryan Gill:	;)
00:23:03	Steve Rader:	@Chad, totally agree on Galloway’s article!
00:24:40	Open Assembly:
00:26:19	Carin Knoop:	@balaji great point about being mindful about what is essential to protect vs habits and routine
00:26:42	John Healy:	handshake contracts; even without the!
00:27:52	Steve Rader:	I had a very similar conversation with our human  capital folks that reflected exactly what Balaji just said
00:28:12	Mary Mellino:	I echo all your sentiments Balaji
00:28:16	kelly trzesniak:	what are the barriers to adoption to moving to freelancers
00:28:55	Ashley Beaudoin:
00:29:04	Balaji Bondili:	@kelly - awareness and knowledge is the biggest issue - it isn't on the radar for most people, barriers come later when want to try
00:30:40	Steve Rader:	I think one untold or under told story about freelance workers is the relationship piece where trust is built and freelancers become part of the team.
00:31:14	Steve Rader:	There is a misconception by a lot of companies that you have to “own” the labor.
00:31:22	Michael Morris:	clapping
00:32:00	Balaji Bondili:	Sample from Hilton:
00:32:40	Balaji Bondili:	This is their resource center for their laid off and furloughed employees. We will have many of the marketplaces on the call on this in a few days
00:32:51	David L. Papp:	Labor law is a challenge though when we talk about turning employees freelancers, as its foundation roots back to the early 1900's
00:32:55	Tom O'Malley:	Please join this pro-bono effort to bring the voice of practitioners across 4 main COVID 19 topics (Testing, Supply chain, Track and Trace, and Vaccines- remedies-cures).  We are looking for top practitioners, data and content distribution:
00:35:26	Balaji Bondili:	Thanks to Ryan @ Communo, Mike/ Adam @ Topcoder, Adam Zellner from BTG, Michael Burdick from, UpWork and a few others in pipeline
00:35:27	kelly trzesniak:	it's true, my parents are farmers...they have to dump mil down the drain and cannot give away pigs for free
00:35:36	kelly trzesniak:	milk not mil :)
00:35:47	Steve Rader:	I love the way educating and upskilling/reskilling is starting to be integrated into the gig work conversation.
00:36:22	Ryan Gill:
00:36:33	Tom Cooke:	“Effort recently started with Accenture and others through a new platform People + Work Connect is an innovative way to map displaced workers to available jobs. Co-designed with CHROs from Lincoln Financial Group, ServiceNow and Verizon, People + Work Connect is powered by an analytics-based platform developed by Accenture that facilitates continued employment by rapidly redeploying people across industries and companies at speed and scale.” It is completely free, and is available to companies with approximately 100 jobs to fill or 100 available workers to place.
00:36:46	Gavin McClafferty:	Is the bigger question are the rules fit for purpose in the first place? 
00:36:49	Caroline Brookfield:	One of the rule breakers in my industry (veterinary) is telehealth/telemedicine,  but there is still a lot of resistance from many of the regulatory/licensing agencies.
00:37:03	Anne Muscarella:	LOVE some good news!!!!!
00:37:14	Balaji Bondili:	I am not crying, you are. 
00:37:30	Gavin McClafferty:	Netflix basically tore up the entire rule book almost a decade ago and said act in our best interests. 
00:37:37	Michael Morris:	It is a period of GSD and I am seeing most people getting in the way are figuring out how to adapt/change or they are being moved or bypassed.  That is what we are doing.  #GSD
00:38:19	John Healy:	@David Papp...labor law is an issue, but look to the stimulus package....gig workers have been included for the first time....states are struggling to deploy, but its at least been included
00:40:12	Balaji Bondili:	@john Healy, anything you are hearing in policy circles around labor law changes. We are figuring out how to deal with furloughed employees with benefits from their employers who want to be a freelancers
00:40:47	Michael Burdick:	@Ryan Gill, our team created a SGN for Paro use internally - thank you for the idea - our team has loved connecting in that way
00:41:47	Michael Morris:	And people are accessible!
00:42:53	Tom Cooke:	collaborate for talent not compete for talent
00:43:19	Open Assembly:
00:43:35	David L. Papp:	@John Healy: That's true, however, I believe the approach of labor law is fundamentally different, it's more about protecting the parties from each than supporting. Not all of these protections work in remote working.
00:44:02	Chad Neufeld:	We’re hoping that the collaboration expands even further to customers. Companies who are open to co-creation and who have invested in building connections with their customers have a whole other pool to reach into and collaborate with.
00:44:58	John Healy:	@Balaji...policy folks seem to be following a playbook - 1) safety issues now; 2) prepare for return to work, 3) new rules for the future....most of the labor law issues will be in wave 3
00:46:14	Open Assembly:
00:47:04	Janice Stevenor Dale:	we have to hit the 3 month mark in order to permanently shift…..human behavior
00:47:30	Steve Rader:	I wonder if there will be a shift from putting one’s security in “work” that you can get connected with vs. the  old model of putting one’s security in a “company” that provides you work.
00:47:59	Mark Barden:	got a source for that Janice?
00:48:15	Gavin McClafferty:	@steve rader very interesting question. 
00:48:32	Janice Stevenor Dale:	can follow with the resource...
00:49:19	Janice Stevenor Dale:	If social distancing is with us for two years, we have long range planning to do…at milestones of 3 mo, 6 mo, 9 mo, 12 mo.
00:49:42	Gavin McClafferty:	@steve rader this is worth a look in response to your question.
00:49:49	John Healy:	good time for people to be focused on doing what is right vs. worrying about who is right....well said Simon!
00:50:24	Steve Rader:	Thanks @Gavin!  You always connect me to the good stuff!
00:51:03	Simon Hill:	Simon Hill - and
00:51:37	Open Assembly:
00:51:59	Simon Hill:	Great to connect, happy to do so with anyone via Linkedin:
00:52:27	Gavin McClafferty:	@simon hill have you seen this?
00:54:25	Mark Barden:	Ty - have you seen Intellihelp on Facebook? sounds similar to what you just described
00:55:07	Stephen Lepke:	Really good point Ty about the importance of empowering the local community.
00:55:09	Mark Barden:
00:55:37	Jon Fredrickson:	Movie Quote, is this applicable for the future of work and rules?:  “The Code is more what you’d call guidelines, than actual rules”  Are we moving to guidelines?
00:56:48	Adam Antal:	@Janice Stevenor Dale: Probably even longer - as habits change, we the transition back will take much longer I am afraid
00:58:13	Gavin McClafferty:	@Ty Montague - have you read "Bowling Alone"?
00:58:15	Janice Stevenor Dale:	federal vs state timelimes could have a big impact
00:58:44	Janice Stevenor Dale:	the intersection of education and home officing has a large emotional/psychological impact that will influence adoption
00:59:03	Open Assembly:
01:00:11	Steve Rader:	I am seeing this GSD attitude combined with a powerful connected ecosystem of people that have skills and powerful tools creates an amazing force!
01:00:22	Ty Montague:	@gavin McClaferty Haven’t.  Will.  “The War on
01:00:50	Ty Montague:	“The War on Normal People” also interesting
01:00:53	Jon Fredrickson:	This will transform education, period!
01:01:05	John Healy:	My mother-in-law is an 80 year old piano teacher offering lessons via facetime...
01:01:08	Steve Rader:	@Jon… totally agree
01:01:10	Gavin McClafferty:	@Ty Montague - it covers a lot of what you described. I will definitely check that out. Thanks!
01:01:18	Janice Stevenor Dale:	education has adapted, but poorly. right now, its a lose/lose situation.
01:02:04	Steve Rader:	@Jon… I’ll add that I think that I’m hopeful that we start to see a transition that starts to combine work and education into a real lifelong learning model.
01:02:20	kirstin hammerberg:	A couple of nice examples on people helping people,
01:02:26	Jon Fredrickson:	Think of education without buildings, borders or limitations that traditional brick and mortar constrains
01:02:38	Steve Rader:	@Janice… totally agree… Factory education (that doubles as childcare)
01:03:01	Jon Fredrickson:	Think about the support and advancements for teachers that can happen…it requires thinking differently
01:03:16	Steve Rader:	@MikeMorris topcoder’s efforts have been amazing!
01:04:12	Open Assembly:
01:04:24	Caroline Brookfield:	All the different ways to learn and be - for instance, I have to plan a virtual birthday party for my son this weekend (send me any ideas!)  He is turning 14 so probably just online gaming with friends and I'll make some mini cakes and drop them at the other kids' houses.  I wonder what innovations will appear to blend experiential with virtual experiences. 
01:05:52	John Healy:	@Jon...Bjarke Ingles Group in Denmark has some cool examples to look into....leveraging their BIGsters and BIG Alumni to help small businesses
01:06:08	Carin Knoop:	a BEHAVIORAL rule that has been broken is pretending to be always ok and top performing --being honest about emotions so we can get help and support each other and work more productively, that has potential for explosive growth on every dimension.
01:06:23	Mark Burrell:	thank you all for there uplifting stories and inspiration!
01:06:37	Mark Burrell:	“The”
01:06:41	John Healy:	AMEN @Carin!
01:06:50	Mary Mellino:	Great call all.  Need to jump.  
01:07:04	Janice Stevenor Dale:	@Carin, yes, wellness in great need
01:07:33	Janice Stevenor Dale:	embrace speed without rules
01:07:49	Jeff Cinadr:	My  wife is a nurse and I've seen her physicians "break rules" by having extensive virtual consultations. Later, I found out these processes were already in place but they were hidden or unused. They even have insurance codes for billing virtual calls vs in-office visits. What I learned was there may be existing ways of making things work where you might not even have to "break the rules". 
01:07:55	Matt Weiss:	Thank you for including me. Great thought provoking discussion.
01:08:04	Balaji Bondili:	@Jeff very interesting. 
01:08:26	Ty Montague:	@Jeff good one
01:08:37	Carin Knoop:	@jeff CARES act also made it possible to code to EMR for reimbursement so unleashing telehealth
01:09:33	Jeff Cinadr:	Yes @Carin, I think telehealth could be here to stay after this crisis in addition to remote work, remote education, etc. 
01:09:51	John Matthews:	Completely agree, this is an amazing group and super inspiring.
01:10:42	Mark Barden:	really enjoyed that everyone. thank you. and Thanks @johnhealy for the invite
01:10:57	Carin Knoop:	would love to if folks are interested, and please reach out
01:10:57	Open Assembly:
01:10:58	Ashley Beaudoin:	Thank you, John Healy!
01:11:02	Steve Rader:	I’d love to see the relationship of gig economy to education as a topic
01:11:05	David L. Papp:	excellent call, thanks John, thanks everyone!
01:11:26	Alex Wente:	Thank you! Always inspiring
01:11:26	Jeff Cinadr:	Thanks everyone! I'm open to connecting on LinkedIn to keep the conversation going.
01:11:27	Ray Foote:	Great seeing everyone! great call. Well done OA..
01:11:47	Marcelo Costa:	Thanks John! Super inspiring and energizing
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