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March 21, 2019 @ 12:00 pm (MST)

Meeting Agenda

  1. Welcome (5)
  2. LISH update from Jin Paik (5)
    1. The lab is open to exploring interesting research questions and/or data sets. If your company is interested, send Jin a brief description or slides about your project at for review. You’re always welcome to visit Boston!!
    2. LISH just launched their new, online Launching Breakthrough Technologies course. Registration is now open, and class begins April 16!
  3. Guest Speaker: Steve Rader, NASA CoECI (30)
    1. Topic: NASA and the Federal Government’s Move to the Crowd: Join us for an overview of how NASA is working across the federal government to tap into the power of the crowd. Steve will share some innovative insights into the government procurement process and how to access multiple crowd platforms.
      1. For those platforms interested in the next NOIS 5-year multi-vendor contract, remember to:
        1. Register in SAM
        2. Monitor the Federal Business Opportunities website for the Request for Information (RFI) and/or Request for Proposals (RFP). Search for opportunities related to “NASA” and “Innovation”
          1. Note: We will also keep tabs for NASA’s proposal releases and will let you know when they are live!
    2. Q&A (5)
  4. Content update (10)
  5. Parting thought (5)
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