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WORK. with Eleanor & Barry Matthews of re-source

re-source is a consulting group that sets the vision and strategy, as well as supports a team of globally distributed subject matter experts to help businesses access the power of the global on-demand crowd. Eleanor and Barry are extremely smart and ambitious, and I am really looking forward to watching them build re-source and help clients around the world navigate the future of work.

Join Us: Center for the Transformation of Work Community Call

Please join us for the bi-monthly Center for the Transformation of Work community calls. These calls are open to people who are interested in engaging in dialogue about the open talent economy, such as the use of open talent platforms, crowd sourcing, open innovation, freelancing and more. Feel free to join us along with some […]

Center for the Transformation of Work Meeting – January 7, 2021

Today was the first call of 2021 for the Center for the Transformation of Work community. We went around “the room” and checked in with everyone to learn more about what each attendee was looking forward to in 2021. Some excellent insights and networking from all around the world of the open talent economy.

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