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Your Ad Agency Is Dead. It’s Time To Stop Grieving And Move On.

Here’s NASA’s Secret Weapon, When It Comes To Future-of-Work Multi-Tasking

What’s the best way to help an employee navigate multiple freelance resources? That’s a question we often get when a company begins to source work through one—or sometimes many—on-demand open talent platforms. Some companies handle this by selecting and customizing one dedicated platform to work through. Others, like NASA, require and benefit from the unique capability offered by a variety of platforms, so they secure several agreements—some with customized capability—and employees learn to utilize all of them.

Think Bigger—or Much Smaller—to Succeed at Innovation

       It’s easy to get stuck in only seeing part of the opportunity. Innovation, today, has so many factors that can cause your project to get knocked off the track—or get shot to the moon. Only by thinking holistically can you make innovation work. Maybe the assignment is to create a new product […]

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