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Should open talent platforms support the mental health of freelancers?

How The Future Works: Leaving the Rat Race and Going it Alone

In this episode of  the How the Future Works podcast Eleanor and Barry take a moment to catch their breath following a busy fews weeks after the merger of re-source with Open Assembly. Following the update they check in with Emily and Alex, two digital nomads who have chosen life of freelancing to pursue their passions.

Center for the Transformation of Work Call – November 4, 2021

This week’s Center for the Transformation of Work (CTW) community call features Agnieszka Porebska who is VP External Relations at Talent Alpha. During this meeting she will present the important data and insights from the recently released Future of Work Report 2021: The A3 Revolution. A3 stands for Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere which means workers are getting work done on their own terms and companies need a multi-dimensional strategy to stay on track. Join us to learn more and discuss.

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