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Platforms in the $2B Open Talent Market are Thriving—Here’s Why

Now is the Time to Rethink Work

Businesses need an immense amount of talent right now. Especially tech talent. And, they need it quickly. According to the International Data Corporation’s projections, the tech talent gap will cost companies $775 billion this year due to missed revenue targets, increased costs, and delayed product and service releases. A 2021 Korn Ferry report predicted that […]

Create a Dynamic Culture When Using Open Talent

When leaders decide to digitally transform their talent practices by using open talent and creating the right mindset, the next step is to create a culture that can support it. Whether an open talent experiment can be scaled into a larger business opportunity often comes down to whether the organization is haunted by the “Not […]

Everyday Day is Labor Day

Before Henry Ford built the assembly line for the Model T he used a system and structure based on historical models to build the Model N. Ford first laid the plans of the car on the factory floor, laying all of the parts on top of the plans. Then, his workforce collaborated collectively to build […]

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