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OA Community Meeting, July 18 – From Gig To Team

OA Community Meeting, June 20 – What Are We Even Selling?

Join us at the next Open Assembly Community meeting as former contingent workforce manager for Meta, Accenture, and Zillow, now consultant Mickey Pelletier, discusses the challenges and opportunities of adopting open talent platforms. We’ll explore issues like misalignment with enterprise processes, competition with traditional staffing, and outdated talent engagement methods, and provide strategies to articulate their value.

OA Community Meeting, June 6 – Transform Staffing with Open Talent

As many of you know,  Torc, the AI-powered global talent platform, has recently been acquired by Randstad Digital, the world’s leading talent and digital enablement services provider. This union is a significant event for our companies and a transformational leap in the global talent-sourcing industry. It’s a step towards a future of staffing that is […]

OA Community Meeting – AI and the Future of Talent

For this OA Community call meeting, John Winsor and John Healy will share their insights from the “Leading with AI” conference hosted by the Harvard Business School and the Digital Data Design Institute at Harvard. This inaugural event featured some of the top thinkers at the intersection of artificial intelligence and business, society, ethics, and […]

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