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5 Ways To Align Holiday Parties With The Future Of Work

Will Passionate Community Replace Influencers? They Already Have.

My friend and Open Assembly (OA) Advisor Steve Rader was furloughed during the recent government shutdown. Steve is the Deputy Director of NASA’s Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation (CoECI), a founding member of our Collective, and a guy who’s helped bring open tools like crowdsourcing and a gig mindset to government organizations. Steve has helped a lot of […]

The Future Of Work Is Collaborative, Not Competitive

A small group of Harvard scholars, CEOs, and director-level managers was swiftly delivered by Uber and Lyft drivers a few months back to convene in a conference room on Kearny street in San Francisco. The group, sporting on-trend splashes of red, velvet blazers, shirts and blouses procured from online style clubs, was ready to roll.

Are Salaries An Outdated Luxury?

I posted a blog a few weeks ago called “The Gig Economy is the Economy” in reaction to reading an article about the economies of many African countries. It caused a bit of a stir. In my travels to chase adventure in many reaches of the world, I’ve noticed that the economies where I visit are gig economies.

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