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4 Steps to Success: Get IP, Legal, and Others To Support Your New Open Talent Strategy

The One Surprising Next Step for On-Demand Talent Models? Proving ROI With Metric Studies

In a wildly changing work landscape in which on-demand talent models are gaining ground, there will always be skeptics of open models standing right alongside the early adopters. One stance is not more right than the other. Businesses need the deep questioners just as much as evangelists. The key to moving forward is determining how these two functions or personality types can build trust—keeping business on course while embracing opportunity at the same time.

Balance Employee Workload With Open Source Platforms

The freelance economy is revolutionizing the work lives of busy execs and their teams who are using open source platforms and talent to accomplish more in less time. Every week, new gig-centric platforms sprout up that give execs and companies access to talent pools—from assistants with general skills to highly specialized technologists.

4 Revolutionary Shifts That Will Change the Way We Work

What does the future of work look like? It doesn’t take a crystal ball to predict based on trends that have developed over the last couple decades: Businesses staffed almost entirely by freelancers. Fortune 500 companies using open-source crowd platforms to innovate. AI solving some of the world’s trickiest challenges.

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