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Our Team

John Winsor

Founder, Chairman

Serial entrepreneur. Futurist. Author. John has explored the frontiers of open talent for two decades. His forthcoming book co-authored with Jin H. Paik, will be published by Harvard Business Review Press in 2023. When not writing or speaking about workplace disruption John is riding a wave or an open road.

Barry Matthews

Chief Executive Officer

Trend-spotter. Human cloud pioneer. Barry has a record of success in blended workforce enablement. In 2021 he merged Re-Source with Open Assembly to create the world’s leading open talent advisory business. He works with senior executives on talent strategy and co-hosts the podcast ‘How the Future Works’.

Deb Connolly

Deb Connolly

Chief Financial Officer

Number cruncher. Advisor. Deb has worked with many business owners, small and large to grow all aspects of their business.  She loves to build out the financial models that live as a road map to that growth.  She has worked both sides of open talent, both advising freelancers and working with clients to engage.

Bryn Barlow-Open Assembly

Bryn Barlow

Director of Consulting Services

Business consultant. Motivator. Bryn was a partner and co-founder of Re-source until its merger with Open Assembly in 2021. He is one of the world’s most experienced outsourcing professionals with experience across many regions and sectors. Don’t get into a drinking competition with him; Bryn is a qualified taster of Guinness.

Brandon Dwight

Director of Marketing + Community

Community builder. Event planner. Dealmaker. Brandon has a long history in small business development, branding, marketing, customer service, and community engagement. He was an early adopter of digital transformation. He’s a former professional cyclist.

Eleanor Matthews

Head of Platform Industry Advisory and Training

Sourcing expert. Blockchain enthusiast. Eleanor has held senior positions in outsourcing, business development, organizational change, contract negotiation, and people development. Recently she has been exploring the world of open talent as a freelancer, a hirer of freelancers and an advocate of freelancing. She is co-host of the podcast ‘How the Future Works’ and a long-distance runner.

John Healy

John Healy

Industry Expert Advisor

Rule-breaker. Workforce warrior. John launched and led the Office of the Future of Work at Kelly. He advocates for healthy labor markets globally as Vice President at the World Employment Confederation. He serves as an advisor to Open Assembly and our clients.


Academic partner

Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard (LISH)

For a decade, the Lab has been home to research-backed innovation around the future of work. Its partnership with NASA led to the establishment of the Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation (CoECI) and the world’s largest experiment in open innovation. LISH is a founding partner of Open Assembly.

Karim Lakhani

Karim Lakhani

Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School

Karim is the Principal Investigator of the Crowd Innovation Lab and NASA Tournament Lab at the Harvard Institute for Quantitative Social Science and the Faculty Co-Founder of the Harvard Business School Digital Initiative. He specializes in technology management and innovation. His research examines crowd-based innovation models and the digital transformation of companies and industries.

Jin H. Paik

Jin H. Paik

Senior Researcher, Program Director, General Manager at the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard

Jin oversees the development of open innovation projects through partnerships with NASA, Harvard Medical School, federal government agencies, academic and research institutions, and industry leaders. He has worked extensively on programs focused on data science, development and use of artificial intelligence, digital transformation in organizations, and the future of work.

Balaji Bondili

Balaji Bondili

Head of Deloitte Pixel

Balaji is an expert in the open economy. He currently advises Deloitte’s largest clients across multiple industries on driving agility and efficiency using on-demand talent, how to adopt principles of the open economy, and how to attract next-generation talent with a fresh mindset.

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